Pico's Rock Band

2008-04-05 03:35:52 by NickSiamas

This year I'm going to try out an idea I've been wanting to do for a while now. Imagine playing a sim game where instead of trying to impress girls, you manage a band. You record albums, set up the myspace, get them shows, change their style according to what's popular etc.

That's the main goal of Pico Rock band. Unlike the title suggests, there will be no rythmm based minigames. The games focus will be about the management and strategy of the game, rather than timing. There will be minigames but they won't be the main part of the game.

I have high hopes for the game and hopefully it'll be done by April 30th.

EDIT: The graphic below was resized when posted, it looks much better in-game and full size. Also I redid his hair.

Pico's Rock Band


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2008-04-05 04:26:52

wow, sounds pretty awesome. A management section would be awesome on stuff like Guitar Hero/ Rock Band.

Is there gonna be endings or is it one of these 'neverending' sandbox style games?

NickSiamas responds:

It will have an ending. if you beat the game then you an keep playing to unlock secrets or just for fun.


2008-04-05 07:31:54

thank god.

though the graphics are putting me off.

NickSiamas responds:

The image was resized when I put it up. It looks better full size.


2008-04-05 08:15:10

I agree with shirt.. the gfx! D:


2008-04-05 09:21:42

Looks very good, I will be waiting for it ;)

Good luck!


2008-04-05 15:24:50

ahhh copy paste bitmap trace

NickSiamas responds:

Just temporary. Calm down.


2008-04-06 00:39:32

OH COME ON did you HAVE to use pico for this??? is it even pico related? you're just whoring the character to give your crappy game a higher score >:C


2008-04-06 01:00:20

Hey, it would be a pretty good title screen if you just didn't put the god damn over rated Les Paul in the background.

NickSiamas responds:

NickSiamas responds:

Just temporary. Calm down.