Shiftlimits Collab 2 & Why I Hate MySelf

2008-04-26 12:02:42 by NickSiamas

Lets start off with the simple bad news, along with some poor reasoning and self pity. Pico's Rock Band has been canceled. For those of you who ask me why:

-School work piling up so much so that my priorities are out of whack.
-I started too late, if I released on April 30th it would be in poor condition and be nothing more than a black mark on my newgrounds account.
-I have several other animations/games which I want to do and not that I need to do. Those are much more fun to work on.
-Also my fla got screwed up. Which is probably the most important reason I can't keep working on it.

On a much more awesome note:


Fans of the award winning Portal Collab, rejoice. Shiftlimits is returning to Newgrounds to bring about a collab which should exceed all expectations. I'm keeping the theme a secret (even though it's extremely easy to find out) but from what I've seen so far, it's going to be absolutely amazing.

Keep checking back to this blog for more news and updates on the collab.

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2008-04-26 13:39:24

I love that video lol, pedophiles lol.


2008-04-26 14:44:21

I know how horrible is it when school consumes all your time. not to mention fla. fucks up


2008-04-27 08:08:55

I understand, when I read your last post I was wondering how you could finish it in time for Pico Day. I'll be waiting for the other news to be official.

(But what we forced her to... Ha ha!)


2008-04-27 14:36:10

Woo the next collab should be pretty awesome :D