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Why I Hate Clock Day

2008-08-15 12:00:22 by NickSiamas





Pathetic excuses for animations get 5'd because the authors put "Happy Clock Day!" in the description. Have some dignity newgrounds.


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2008-08-15 12:04:05

It's okay, at least it's only once a year.


2008-08-15 12:06:24

Thats kind of like saying you hate a television show because of the tv commercials.


2008-08-15 12:07:06

Ur right, those animations DO suck, but dont worry, you wont see clock day animations till clock day 2009.


2008-08-15 12:09:02

I'll wait for the submissions that make the front page. Just ignore everything else.


2008-08-15 12:13:11

Man they suck balls. Are people this stupid to vote 5's on diarhea?


2008-08-15 12:17:20

It's clock day, just let it pass, pathetic animations get 5'd all the time, but clock day is that special time of year where we HAVE to accept it.


2008-08-15 12:26:56

Let's not forget this happens pretty much with any special day on Newgrounds, from Madness Day to Pico Day.


2008-08-15 12:29:49

Calm down. It's just a holiday. Besides, the Clock Crew is deep-rooted in our Newgrounds heritage; what we do today is the least we can do for Strawberry Clock.


2008-08-15 12:30:34

Have some spirit! IT'S CLOCK DAY!
It only come's once a year.


2008-08-15 12:34:09

iamanoobnow, thinking like that is why people keep letting spam submissions and utter shit on this site, no we DON'T HAVE TO, personally i vote higher when they do actually work and TRY but most people throw together shit that makes no sense and sucks ON PURPOSE because they know it will pass. and all those "only once a year", bullshit everyday people like "fleek" submit the same shit over and over and over and over. the clock crew shouldnt even exist it was inspired by a dumbass spammer who can type B that code: stop(); i can do that...a monkey can do that. they need to give days to the ones that deserve em, not guys who were able to spam this site for years and get away with it...they need to put mods on the flash who look for spam, not just sucky animations, everyone sucks at first and submitting it is how they can get feedback and tips, but resubmits, crap on purpose (people who draw a terrible image then paste a celebs head on it or just make a music video made entirely of screenshots from a game show or movie, you wanna submit crap like that? go to youtube with all the other morons


2008-08-15 12:35:31

holy crap that's allot longer than i though 0.0 when i get going.....i dont stop, at least i can spellcheck now or that would be a awful mess of typos


2008-08-15 12:35:54

B should be on the front page!


2008-08-15 12:36:19

Anyone who votes 5 on clock day flash are imbecile conformists. Most of them don't even know strawberry clock is actually a kid.


2008-08-15 12:41:57

Only cause it's clock day doesn't mean the animations don't suck. This excuse is just lame.

That's like saying: It's okay to juggle dog turds, as long as it only happens once a year.


2008-08-15 12:48:00

I'm with you, fuck everyone else supporting this shit.


2008-08-15 12:59:47

I just use it for free save points. There's no point in trying to blam them.


2008-08-15 13:13:33

Who cares? it's just for the save points.


2008-08-15 13:23:36

It happens once a year, and it's an excuse for 100s of free protection points.

Lighten the fuck up.


2008-08-15 13:28:07

I hate it too. Everyone votes 5 on everything, this attitude carries out and then the same people who voted 5 today will complain about the Portal one week later.


2008-08-15 13:35:33

Your like the Grinch.


2008-08-15 13:37:42

Fofo is a better cartoon than you have ever made and probably will stay that way


2008-08-15 13:48:37

Before you start whining, you should look at the history of newgrounds. The clock crew started out as posting crap. So when you find crappy submissions (like mine) usually they are just celebrating clock day the way it should be! Entering crappy flashes, voting 5 and then deleting them the next day. Heck, NEWGROUNDS was started by a fricken 12 year old! So before you go around saying I hate this and I hate that..... just take a minute and look at the history. Besides, you haven't made anything half as good as all the submissions you posted about!

NickSiamas responds:

http://14hourlunchbreak.newground s.com/flash/

Basically you're saying Clocks are based on submiting shitt flashes and it being alright.


2008-08-15 13:49:44

Oh yeah, I forgot to say you get a crap load of protection points..... oh wait...... YOU don't.

(Updated ) NickSiamas responds:

Failed comeback attempt. Gtfo of this bog.


2008-08-15 14:13:09

so true... >.>


2008-08-15 15:06:57

hating popular things makes you cool


2008-08-15 15:12:04

Hating everything makes you cool.
Hating popular things makes you normal.


2008-08-15 15:24:27

I don't understand very well what is needed to post on the front page, but with all this crap submissions winning a nice score that meant that a lot of fags can now post on the front?


2008-08-15 15:41:02

now don't get your panties all bunched up


2008-08-15 16:26:19

i feel you man clock day should be renamed as spam day

fuck thissss


2008-08-15 16:53:30

Yeah i agree, but i'm not watching those movies with clocks in it. besides it's really dumb. Screw the clocks, who cares


2008-08-15 20:21:17

madness and pico day are awasome i dont get xlock day its wierd yo and kinda retarded


2008-08-16 15:11:19

we gotta get pico madness and the sticks back in the picture fck clocks


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2017-03-16 22:04:50

Lol bro you were really tripping on clock day