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Notes on 'Sniper' and The future of my games and animations.

2007-08-19 23:19:41 by NickSiamas

If you haven't seen Sniper Part I yet, then go ahead and watch it.

As you know I labeled it 'part 1', however I really have no intention to finish it. If you'd like to know my intended ending, then PM me, or if I get enough requests, I'll simply make a blog post. I labeled it part 1 so I could start my new projects, which pwn much, much harder.

I have a bunch of ideas going around in my head, and I'd like to share a few with you.

One thing I've always wanted to do was a kickass zombie movie. I started something, and I'll see if i go somewhere with it. (See Below for Screenshot). Unlike in Sniper, the mood will be an almost foggy more bright mood. The storyline would unfold as the story goes on, instead of text in the beginning.

I also have a few ideas I've gotten from thinking outside the box. If the zombie movie doesn't work out, I might pursue them.

In terms of games I'm working on the Shiftlimits RPG, which is pretty cool so far if i do say so myself.
I also have a few seperate ideas, one involving a band, another involving something secret. ;]

Anyways, check out Sniper and keep checking back for more shit from me.

Picture: The dimensions are fucked due to the Newground image size restraints.

Notes on 'Sniper' and The future of my games and animations.


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