Why I Hate Clock Day

2008-08-15 12:00:22 by NickSiamas





Pathetic excuses for animations get 5'd because the authors put "Happy Clock Day!" in the description. Have some dignity newgrounds.




After about 3 months of work the collab is finally released!

Those who enjoyed the Portal Collab should watch this and vote 5.


Shiftlimits: Galaxy Collab Released

Lets start off with the simple bad news, along with some poor reasoning and self pity. Pico's Rock Band has been canceled. For those of you who ask me why:

-School work piling up so much so that my priorities are out of whack.
-I started too late, if I released on April 30th it would be in poor condition and be nothing more than a black mark on my newgrounds account.
-I have several other animations/games which I want to do and not that I need to do. Those are much more fun to work on.
-Also my fla got screwed up. Which is probably the most important reason I can't keep working on it.

On a much more awesome note:


Fans of the award winning Portal Collab, rejoice. Shiftlimits is returning to Newgrounds to bring about a collab which should exceed all expectations. I'm keeping the theme a secret (even though it's extremely easy to find out) but from what I've seen so far, it's going to be absolutely amazing.

Keep checking back to this blog for more news and updates on the collab.

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Pico's Rock Band

2008-04-05 03:35:52 by NickSiamas

This year I'm going to try out an idea I've been wanting to do for a while now. Imagine playing a sim game where instead of trying to impress girls, you manage a band. You record albums, set up the myspace, get them shows, change their style according to what's popular etc.

That's the main goal of Pico Rock band. Unlike the title suggests, there will be no rythmm based minigames. The games focus will be about the management and strategy of the game, rather than timing. There will be minigames but they won't be the main part of the game.

I have high hopes for the game and hopefully it'll be done by April 30th.

EDIT: The graphic below was resized when posted, it looks much better in-game and full size. Also I redid his hair.

Pico's Rock Band

I hate Chinese immigrants

2007-11-19 02:50:31 by NickSiamas

Portal Collab finally released! If you're a fan of the game take a look.


If you haven't seen Sniper Part I yet, then go ahead and watch it.

As you know I labeled it 'part 1', however I really have no intention to finish it. If you'd like to know my intended ending, then PM me, or if I get enough requests, I'll simply make a blog post. I labeled it part 1 so I could start my new projects, which pwn much, much harder.

I have a bunch of ideas going around in my head, and I'd like to share a few with you.

One thing I've always wanted to do was a kickass zombie movie. I started something, and I'll see if i go somewhere with it. (See Below for Screenshot). Unlike in Sniper, the mood will be an almost foggy more bright mood. The storyline would unfold as the story goes on, instead of text in the beginning.

I also have a few ideas I've gotten from thinking outside the box. If the zombie movie doesn't work out, I might pursue them.

In terms of games I'm working on the Shiftlimits RPG, which is pretty cool so far if i do say so myself.
I also have a few seperate ideas, one involving a band, another involving something secret. ;]

Anyways, check out Sniper and keep checking back for more shit from me.

Picture: The dimensions are fucked due to the Newground image size restraints.

Notes on 'Sniper' and The future of my games and animations.